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Definition & Meaning

A small pocket sided booklet that contains documents which carries passport number, holder’s name, his birthplace, birth-date, issuing date of passport along with its expiry date, holder’s photograph along with his signature. 

A Passport is a valid document which a person can use to travel any foreign country. An Indian Passport is generally issued by the government of the country. 

Valid documents that certify the holder’s identity and citizenship. It works as an access card while entering or leaving any country.


Passport available in India


Types of Passport and it’s usefulness for Indian citizens

  1.  Regular (Normal) – A navy blue color passport, which is generally issued to Indian citizen for ordinary travel. which can also be used for foreign leisure tours or business trips. 
  2.  Diplomatic – A maroon color Passport, which exclusively issued to Indian Diplomats used by Indian diplomats and diplomatic couriers. This Passport is having maroon in color.
  3.  Official – A white color Passport, which is issued to only Indian officials. They represent the Indian government. 

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Value of an Indian Passport

An Indian passport is issued by order of the President of India. As per the Passport Act( 1967), a Passport serves as proof of holders’ Indian citizenship while they are on international travel. 
  • While travelling any foreign nation, Passport serves as the main travel document.
  • Visa is a guaranteed stamp issued in the passport which permits your stay in a foreign country for a period of time. 
  • You can find all the international travel details of the passport holder in their passport.
  • Foreign Travel.
  • During 2018 all the Indian passport holders were able to travel 25 countries without a visa.
  • All among the world Indian Passport is 71 most Powerful Passport.
  • Validation of an Indian Passport is 10 years.
  • Passport can also be considered as residence or identity proof.




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